Transform your online visitors into customers

Use promotions, banners and gamification to increase engagement and conversions on your website and social networks

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2,500 + users

Get a really effective way to create viral campaigns, with the advantage of the quick and easy creation process.

Javier Muniz

Promotions and contests

… to be published on your website, Facebook and other social networks

  • Printable and electronic coupons

  • Virtual gifts (all kinds of digital material)

  • Contests (photo, video and text)

  • Promotional sweepstakes

Choose how the users will access your promotions

  • Like

  • Tweet

  • Email + form

The best thing about HiSocial is the simple process of creating, developing and promoting the campaign. There is no doubt that this simple process allows the client to feel very safe and comfortable with the platform.

Albert Llorens
Marketing Director of English Summer


Gamify your website and / or your Facebook page

  • Points

  • Levels

  • Badges

  • Rankings

Canal IP has presented us a new project, HiSocial, created to enable the development and publication of online promotions.

Juan Diego Polo

Banners and Layers

Highlight your promotions or gamification

  • Increase conversions

  • Online wizard

  • Personalization

Excellent way to reach more people and advertise products and services of all kinds.

Benefits of using HiSocial

  • Conversions

  • Virality

  • Fans

  • Sales

HiSocial helps you:

  • Increase loyalty of your visitors

  • Increase the number of subscribers on your email list

  • Increase the number of followers on social networks offers an easy tool to the business world for creating promotions and special offers, and above all the possibility to publish them on various internet platforms such as social networks or websites.

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