Viral Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are popular type of online promotion in various different industries. Due to the characteristics of this type of promotion, sweepstakes are often used when a company wants to engage audience and award the participants without any particular criteria. There is no special condition to be met or an activity to be performed. All you…

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How to Make Your Online Promotion Campaigns More Successful

Before organizing any promotional campaign you have to set up the goals, which can later be evaluated and measured. You need to define what you want to accomplish with a certain promotional activity. Your campaign goals will be achieved if you manage to organize and conduct a successful online promotion. Start with a plan Any…

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Facebook Fan Page Timeline Setting

When you create a Facebook page, you will be able to use various settings to customize the page and adjust everything in order to make your fan page both useful and representative. In order to access Facebook fan page timeline settings, log in to your page’s timeline and find the button Edit Page at the…

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