Community Manager: A Comprehensive Resource Guide

The life of a community manager isn’t an easy one. Maintaining an online community is hard work and has little concept of time. In this post, I will humbly seek to offer a comprehensive guide to the various resources and tools that can help the community manager to better facilitate their work.

Communities to Follow

Let’s start this guide with a list of communities that will be of interest to the community manager. Thecommunitymanager gives us a list of 24, of which, these are worth highlighting:

Linkedin Groups

1.  Community Managers

2.  Online Community and Social Media Managers


3.  Community Manager, Advocate, Evangelist


4.  Community Management Board

5.  Community Manager Polls


6.  Community Management Boards

7. on Pinterest


8.  Community Manager SubReddit

Community managers on the social networks

It is always a good idea to keep track what our fellow managers are up to on the social networks, so we can learn from their advice, share information, and even make a few friends at the same time.

For Twitter, these two lists are really useful:

Top 500 Commnunity Managers-Europa

Top 500 Commnunity Managers (a nivel mundial)
If you want to see who the current rising stars within the industry are, Web-strategist gives us a few hints:

  1. Hootsuite’s Laura Horak (@laurahoots)
  2. Rolando Cuevas (@cuevas_rolando) of Spain’s Community Next
  3. Mark Schwanke (@AdoptACM) formerly of Motorola Mobility
  4. Fer Rubio Ahumada (@FerRubioAhumada)
  5. Patricia Fernandez (@triciafernan)

I was thrilled to find Rolando Cuevas included on the list, although I would also add Laura Ferrera and Sandra Cámara. I will also give you my account, albertmora, and that of HiSocial

Elsewhere, Quora offers an interesting discussion on the best community managers:

Best community managers

Interesting reading for the community manager

This link, has an extensive Reading list specially selected for the community manager.

Recommended posts and blogs

On Feverbee you can find an impressive list of interesting articles for the community manager. This is just a small sample:

Launching An Online Community

  1. 5 Things Every New Online Community Should Focus On
  2. 20 Ways To Start An Online Community
  3. Never Wait For The Website To Be Ready
  4. Seeding Your Online Community
  5. Who Are You Trying To Reach?
  6. Who Do You Need At The Beginning?
  7. How To Find Your Community’s First Members
  8. The Founder Role In Starting A New Community
  9. Create An Easy Reason To Take A Small Step
  10. How Small Businesses can Launch Successful Online Communities
  11. Simple Steps To Creating An Online Community

Also, mbhahn gives us an interesting selection. Here is a summary of the highlights:


Community Managers Group(Gaming)

Managing Communities

My Community Manager

The Community Manager

The Community Roundtable

Savvy Sexy Social



Blaise Grimes-Viort

Danny Schotthoefer’s Blog

Debra’s Ng’s blog

Fever Bee

Intrapromote’s Blog

Sue on the Web

The Historian


After a Little Reading, I thought you might appreciate watching a video, I thought these two were particularly interesting:


You can find this interesting compilation on socialmediablog:

100 herramientas para el community manager

Or, if you prefer, this shorter list on Raventools has a selection of 12 tools for lazy communities


On Socialmediatoday, there is a selection of the 13 best social media conferences


To finish off, I will leave you with a few interesting PowerPoint presentations:

How To Be An Awesome Community Manager from Marta Majewska

Community Management Fundamentals from The Community Roundtable

2012 State of Community Management from The Community Roundtable

The Community Manager Report 2012 from Social Fresh

And naturally, I couldn’t sign off without recommending you try our free platform HiSocial, which helps you increase your “engagement” with your community, turning page views into motivated users with a higher propensity to buy:

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