Facebook home page settings

Facebook home page consists of three columns that can be adjusted to display the content you want to be clearly visible to you when you log in to your Facebook account. The left column displays your profile photo at the top, and then you can see the list of favorites that includes:

  • News Feed
  • Messages
  • Events
  • Photos

The same column also contains the list of pages you are managing, as well as the Pages Feed where you can see only the post published by the pages you follow. If you are a member of some groups, the names of those groups will be displayed in the left column as well. In the end of this column you can see the list of apps you are using and the friend lists that you have created.


The right column displays the recommended content for you (pages, people, groups, etc.) and sponsored stories. These are suggestions that Facebook is showing to you based on your interests, education, location, based on what your friends like, etc. If you do not like an ad or a suggestion, you can hide it by clicking the X in the upper right corner. After you hide a suggestion, you can mark the reasons for hiding. This way, Facebook will get the information that you do not like a certain types of posts, and you will see less of those in the future.



News Feed

The central part of your Facebook home page is occupied by your News Feed. News Feed is constantly updating stories from your friends and from the pages you follow. News Feed stories can be photos, videos, links, status updates, app activity and likes. This is the place where you can follow what is going on, and you can interact with others by liking, commenting and sharing the content you see in your News Feed.

Facebook uses a special algorithm that controls what you see on your News Feed. It is based on the number of comments or likes, based on the fact who posted the status, and what kind of status it is.

How to control what you see on your News Feed?

If you do not like how the Facebook’s algorithm is sorting out the stories for you, there are two ways you can control what you see on your News Feed.

Top stories and most recent stories

The option “top stories” is used by default, and it shows you the stories with the greatest number of likes and comments. Using the option “most recent stories”  the stories on your News Feed will be sorted in the chronological order, so you will see the most recent posts at the top.


Filter by friend list

You can filter your friends by adding them to available lists (close friends, acquaintances and restricted) or you can make a custom list, for example my colleagues, friends from high school, etc. You can add people to a friend list by choosing an option from a drop down menu.


When you click on a certain friend list from your left column, you will only see the posts published by the people from that list in your News Feed. In this way you can limit what you see on your News Feed.

Post on your News Feed

The most prominent position in your News Feed is the place where you can post your own status updates.

Your status update can be a text post, a photo, a video or a link. In the bottom line of this window you will see settings that can help you customize every post. Here are the additional options you can choose.

  • Tag people – You can tag your friends in your post. However, keep in mind that people can disable this option from their privacy settings page, and in that case you won’t be able to tag them.
  • Add a location to the post – You can share where you are at the moment you are posting your status update.
  • Choose a file to upload – This option can be used if you want to upload a file from your computer.
  • Say what you are doing – This is a relatively new option, where you can choose the action you are doing and add custom smiley faces.
  • Post visibility – You can choose who will see your post. It can be public or visible to your friends, to a specific friend list, it can be visible only to you or you can choose custom settings regarding visibility.
  • Post button – After clicking this button your post will be published on your News Feed and visible according to the settings you have chosen.

Here is an example of a text post, with two customized options used: “say what you are doing” and “add location”.


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