Gamification: Comprehensive selection of resources

In the previous post we have talked about the best blogs of gamification, and in the other one, we have selected some of the best infographics about gamification. It is time to expand the spectrum and make a selection of the best resources related to this topic in different formats:


The selection of other expert bloggers in gamification:





Our own selection

- Gabe Zicherman, an expert, talks about his book “Gamification Revolution”

- Hangout about gamification, moderated by the professor from Wharton Kevin Werbach

- The same author presents ‘ For the Win’: How Gamification Can Transform Your Business

- John Broadbent talks about the fundamentals of the gamification

To conclude this section with a bit of humor, we recommend “Believe in Gamification!”

PDF tutorials

- “Gamification the business of fun”, from the Centre for innovation BBVA
- “Enterprise gamification:Buzzword or business tool”, from Australian pwc

- “Applicability of the concept gamification within Business organizations”, Yana Markova’s PhD thesis


- “Gamification applied to the business context” from MJV


- Reinventing Customer, Employee Engagement Through Gamification, white paper by Cognizant

-Gamification & Engagement, by Cesar Perez Aznar, Business Intellenge Manager of ISDIN Laboratories



For all the lovers of this format, we leave the following pearls:

- The truth about gamification

James Royal-Lawson, Per Axbom and Jesper Bylund tell us about the details of the subject.


- 6 Steps to Effective Gamification with Kevin Werbach


- Web Accessibility and Gamification with Glenda Sims


Wikis has a selection of resources about the gamification, even if you have incomplete sections, it’s worth having a look. is based on the wiki format and offers extensive information.


-Gamification in Enterprise Technology


In the words of the authors “Enterprise gamification is a hot new idea that has great potential for benefit (and misuse). Common misconceptions create the risk of getting it wrong. We (Rypple) share some of our lessons learned on making it work.”

Gamification in Enterprise Technology from Work.comA Salesforce Company

- Gamification

In the words of the authors” Gamification trends and how gaming techniques are used to sustain brand engagement with consumers.”

Gamification from Work Time Labs

- Don’t Play Games With Me! Promises and Pitfalls of Gameful Design

An interesting presentation by Sebastian Deterding

Don’t Play Games With Me! Promises and Pitfalls of Gameful Design from Sebastian Deterding

- Rules of Engagement: How Gamification is Changing the World, from Margaret Wallace

Rules of Engagement: How Gamification is Changing the World from Margaret Wallace


We have created a public list on Twitter of gamification experts (currently we have included about 50). You can follow this link:

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