How to grow your social media influence

Social media sites are taking up more and more of our time. No longer are we inclined to spend free time watching TV or playing video games. Those forms of entertainment are backing down towards online communities, the new form of entertainment. The percentage of people using social media is constantly growing and so is the time they spend on social networking sites.

Being present on social media has become one of the main goals of any business nowadays. It is important to be recognized in those online communities as this can have a great impact on your business along the way.

However, setting up the online profiles or pages and presenting your business is only the beginning. With so many people and brands being present on social media, you have to stand out from the crowd so that people would be interested in you.

The long-term goal of a successful marketing strategy is to grow your social media influence into creating a reputation that will represent your online integrity. In order to grow social media influence you have to show:

1) Professionalism

With over 3.5 billion pieces of content shared each week on Facebook alone, it is obvious that social media users are overwhelmed by so much information on daily basis. The first rule for creating a respectful image is to be professional. Do not publish content that is irrelevant to your followers, do not publish too often as the followers will get bored. In fact, what you should do to keep it professional is to be:

  • Consistent
  • Reliable
  • Useful

These are the element that will make you build up respect and trust with your fan base. If your followers find your content to be reliable and useful, they will recommend you to their friends. There is nothing better for expanding your fan base and building up a reputation than word-of-mouth marketing.

2) Creativity

In addition to be being professional, creativity is another important factor for standing out from the crowd. You have to implement creativity not only in your business, but also when it comes to creating your online reputation. You can display your creativity by being:

  • Visual
  • Innovative
  • Unique

Use the possibility to visual represent your business, for example by posting creative cover and profile photos. If you are good at making videos, and they are connected to the activity of your business, you should use them to engage your audience. Showing innovation and uniqueness in your posts will help people remember you more quickly. Do not share other people’s thoughts, do not copy paste, but try to be yourself, to form your own “voice” that people will recognize.

3) Generosity

Various studies have proven that the most common reason for liking a business on social media sites is to get the news about special offers and discounts. Everybody likes presents, so be generous to your followers. Organizing a promotion and distributing some coupons or special prizes will definitely raise your reputation in the eyes of your followers. Furthermore, by engaging your followers, you will also reach more people and spread the word of your company along the way.

4) Social aspect

Since social media are all about being social and getting connected, you have to keep that in mind when planning your social media strategy. You have to interact with people, as having social media accounts where only you would post your content and never respond or engage into some activity is not the way to increase your influence. You have to:

  • Connect
  • Interact
  • Respond

These actions will engage you followers, as well as companies from the same niche. Connecting and interacting on social media is the way to communicate your message.

5) Understanding

The fifth and final element of you strategy for growing your social media influence is to be understanding. People love to see that their opinion is relevant and appreciated. In order to show understanding you have to be:

  • Thoughtful
  • Responsive
  • Helpful

These characteristic will help you get connected with your followers even more. If you help your followers with thoughtful and timely advice, you will without doubt convert them into loyal followers. It will definitely help you increase your social media influence as this kind of reputation will spread on the social media sites.

All of these aspects should be included into your social media marketing strategy aimed at increasing your influence on social media sites. Professionalism and understanding will increase your reputation and trust among your followers. Creativity and generosity will engage those followers and reach even more people who are your potential audience. And finally, implementing social aspect and personalized relationship will complete your online reputation and gain respect in online communities.

Some of the most successful companies have recognized the importance of growing the social media influence. In the infographic below, there is a list of top fifty companies that invest resource in building up social media reputation:


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