Interview with Milan Steskal, Digital Production Director of


Today we have a very interesting interview with Milan Steskal, Digital Production Director of
1 – Tell us, what projects are you currently working on?

I’m working on projects for local branches of companies like IBM, Samsung or Orange. I’m also working on a big project, which I can’t share any details of. But it will be live pretty soon.
2 – In which social networks is your company present? From your experience, which one do you think is the most productive? Why?

Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is definitely more productive, because there are much more users there. On the other hand, all social media agencies are on Twitter, so we definitely can’t skip it.
3 – Which tips would you give community managers to improve their job?

Be socially devoted. Answer your fans and your clients a.s.a.p. and reasonable, even the negative comments. Delete only the vulgar ones. Be consistent in your communication strategy. Social media profile is your mirror and using it well could turn you to love a brand.
4 – Do you think the profession of Community Manager will still exist in 4-5 years?

Yes, but in a bit different way than it is now.
5 – Do you think coupons and promo apps are productive and interesting for companies?

In general, yes. But companies should not use them just because others did, that would be a waste of both time and money. The campaign has to have a strategy and goals have to be set.
6 – Could you give our readers a killer tip to improve their social presence?

Use a photo of a sexy lady as your Facebook page cover photo. Now seriously. Be serious and fun. Don’t post the same type of posts. Post photos, ask questions, use jokes sometimes, announce something big there. Make users engage with you.
7 – How do you think someone should address the issue of the negative comments or crisis situations in social networks?

Face the situation and resolve it. People know that no-one is perfect. Negative comment will help your reputation if you manage to resolve it quickly and well. If you have many negative comments, you may be doing something wrong and you should think about that.
8 – What tools do you consider essential to measure your social presence?

Social bakers provide pretty good metrics. Social media strategy should set the important ones of them. But engagement would be one of the most important for me.
9 – What’s the future of social media marketing?

It will live with us for a few years. I think that it will become a usual part of our life, like searching on Google has become. But I think, that there is also something new what will show up in this decade and will change the Internet how we know it now.
10 – Finally, have you tried HiSocial? If so, what’s your opinion?

No, sorry.


Thank you Milan for this interesting interview, and we hope you try HiSocial soon.



Milan Steskal is the Digital Production Director of , the first full-service digital agency and one of the most awarded agencies in Slovakia

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