What are Hashtags on Twitter?

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Before continuing with the available social networking WordPress widgets, I would like to talk about Twitter Hashtags, as I believe this is an interesting tool and that its purpose on Twitter may not be completely clear.

What are Hashtags?

As the word itself suggests, they are the tags on Twitter, but somewhat different to those which we are accustomed to use or find around the blogosphere, for example, or on different platforms such as Flickr, etc…

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What do you serve?

They serve to target and classify our tweet for easier identification of a topic. We use them similarly as we do when we create a post on our blog, or post a picture on Flickr, etc… And label it with a keyword to classify it and to relate it.

On Twitter you can find them on the side, listed among others as “Trends “.


How do I use it?

Very easily! When you write on Twitter and you want to be rated with a Hashtag, you should only write # right in front of the word that identifies the subject of your tweet. For example, if you refer to the marketing you should write #marketing.


Where can I find other hashtags?

If we want to search other hashtags and view the related tweets, we can go to the search box, located on the top left side:


There is also an external search engine made exclusively for this purpose, http://hashtags.org/, which indexes the tweets that have #hashtags.


If we find a hashtag the meaning of which we do not know, we can access the website http://tagdef.com/ that will help us find its definition, and the term is also described by the users themselves. It is also possible to ask from Twitter, by writing a tweet with the following parameter: @tagdef defines #hashtag, returning to the definition.

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