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Free E-book: Efficient Social Media Marketing

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The definitive guide to increasing your sales and conversions in a time efficient way, while taking full advantage of your presence on social media.

With 86 pages of practical advice aimed at maximising your results online, this e-book is an indispensible tool for those intrested in social media and online marketing.

...and for those who simply wish to attract new clients and increase their sales!
About us

Albert Mora holds a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from ESADE. He also holds a university degree in Law from Barcelona University, and a Masters in European Economics from Amsterdam University.

He is the founding member, and has been CEO of Canal IP since in 1994.

Before this, he worked in the financial sector across Europe, working in options and futures, stock markets, and banking. He has also worked in the international departments of Unilever Holland and Fortis Holland, the treasury of Banca Catalana - part of the BBv group – and as regional manager of Bancoval (currently RBC Dexia).

Albert Mora is also the founder and CEO of HiSocial. Hisocial is a platform which allows the user to create online promos (coupons,giveaways, contests, etc), in just 5 minutes and with no previous technical knowledge.These promotions can then be posted on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, and on their own website.
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